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Boarding for cats, rabbits, ferrets, and small animals in Dubbo


Here at Pussycat Park, we specialise in boarding cats and other small animals in our comfortable, luxury facilities in Dubbo. Whether it's a cat, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig or bird, each of our guests receives individual love, attention and cuddles. We can even provide both short and long-term stays! Contact us today to make a booking for your pet while you're away.



From kittens to seniors, at Pussycat Park we tailor each boarding experience to your furry friend—including lots of love. We offer specialised care for cats with medical conditions while you're away. Our facilities are also ideal for pets who are recovering from surgeries and need a bit of peace and quiet.

There's plenty of space for play, such as the communal area and the sunny enclosed verandah for snoozing in the warmth. Even the shyest cats can have an enjoyable, stress-free stay as each of our personal suites are partially enclosed. All enclosures and play spaces feature a variety of scratching posts, beds and toys to keep your cat comfortable during their stay.
Cat — Cat Boarding in Dubbo, NSW

Exotic Pets


Pussycat Park can board a variety of small and exotic pets while you're on holiday. Our experienced vet nurse provides specialised care and attention to each guest.

In addition to cats, we can care for:
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
We have comfortable aviaries and hutches, plus we supply all food for your pet during their stay. The bedding and food in each pen is also checked and refreshed periodically each day to meet our high standards of hygiene.

When boarding birds, we recommend reducing separation anxiety by bringing along an enrichment toy, whether an old favourite or brand new. This will help prevent your bird becoming stressed and plucking their feathers.
Black Cats — Cat Boarding in Dubbo, NSW